Spirit of Akela Ceremony
Posted On: 2021-03-13

The den(s) gather at stage right. Across the front of the room are standard issue poster pictures of Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos badges (large enough to be seen). Each was attached to a pole in a flag stand about five feet from the ground. Below the poster an arm made from plastic plumbing extended out with an elbow up to hold a candle (all painted in blue and gold of course). At stage left was a large rectangular shape shrouded by a gold-colored cloth. A floodlight was situated below on the floor pointing up. Cubmaster has a single lighted candle with a paper wax catcher.

Lights dim. Cubmaster standing by Bobcat asks Cubs to advance and circle around. Cubmaster announces that he as Akela was proud when each joined the Pack and became a Bobcat - light Bobcat candle.

Cubmaster passes the candle to their old Wolf Den Leader, who asks them to follow and form a circle in front of the Wolf Poster. Tells them how proud they have made their parents when they became Wolves and lights candle.

Wolf Den Leader passes the candle to Bear Den Leader, who asks them to follow and form a circle in front of the Bear Poster. Tells them how much they grew and how they should be proud of their accomplishments in becoming Bears and lights a candle.

Bear Den Leader passes the candle to Webelos Leader, who asks them to follow and form a circle in front of the Webelos Poster. He explains to all what they have done and asks parents to come forward and stand behind sons. The patch is presented to parents to pin on uniform upside down until a good turn is accomplished.

Wait until all presentations have been finished. Parents may be seated, Scouts remain. All lights are extinguished except candles.

A deep voice from behind the shrouded emblem. "Scouts, I am the spirit of Akela and I congratulate you on having earned your Webelos Badges. Please turn and face this direction." All turn - hopefully :).

"You have accepted many challenges and proven yourselves, now will you accept another challenge - the challenge of earning the Arrow of Light?"

At this point, the shroud is withdrawn and the floodlight switched on illuminating a large golden arrow of light against a blue background (they used gold glitter to improve on light reflection).

"If you will accept this challenge, please give the Cub Scout Sign and repeat after me: I will do my best ----- to learn ---- to accept responsibility ---- and to fulfill ----- the requirements ----- for the Arrow of Light."


Lights on - Scouts Seated.



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