Akela And The Cub Scout Trail
Posted On: 2021-03-13


CHARACTERS: Akela, Indian Brave, Cub Bobcat, Wolves. Add a boy any place, dividing dialogue.

In smaller dens, Wolves one, two, and three and last can be combined.

COSTUMES: Uniforms, Indian headdress, headband made of colored paper. Wolf and Bear masks or ears and noses, designed so boys can be heard.

PROPS: Indian drums (oatmeal boxes disguised with colored paper), fishing poles, bows, arrows, cooking pots, a card with paw print visible to the entire audience. (Drums. Akela and Brave stride in. Cub Scout enters.)

CUB: Akela! Great Chief! I want to be a Bobcat Cub Scout. Listen .... Meoww!!!

AKELA: That doesn’t make you a Bobcat. Do you know the Promise and the Law of the Pack?

BRAVE: Do you know the Sign and Handshake? The Motto? Salute?

CUB: I don’t know any of them.

AKELA: Go and learn them. Then you’ll be a Bobcat. (Drums. Cub leaves. Bobcat enters.)

BOBCAT: Great Akela! I’m a Bobcat who wants to be a Wolf. Arooo!

AKELA: Can you climb a tree? Swim like a fish? Tie a strong knot?

BOBCAT: Not yet.

BRAVE: There are 12 feats you must do.

BOBCAT: I only have 2 feet.

BRAVE: Not feet, feats! Achievements! They are written in the Book of Wolves.

BOBCAT: Now how can I do 12 achievements all by myself?

AKELA: Great Cub Scout Leader and Great Parents will help, too! Go! (Drums, Bobcat leaves.

Two Wolves enter, fighting.)

BRAVE: (Separates the Wolves.) Who disturbs the camp of AKELA?

WOLF 1: We only took six months to become Wolves.

WOLF 2: Now we have lots of time to mess around.

AKELA: There’s more to do in the Book of Wolves Electives. Earn Arrow Points.

BRAVE: Have you caught a fish? Shot an arrow? Prepared a feast? (Indians load Wolves with fishing poles, bows, arrows, pots; Wolves exit. Third Wolf enters.)

WOLF 3: O’ Great Leader! Now I’m old enough to become a Bear.

AKELA: Bears must know the wild animals and how to use a knife.

BRAVE: Twelve achievements in the Book of Bear. (The last wolf runs in.)

LAST WOLF: Akela, I’ve done the twelve achievements to become a Bear.

AKELA: Has the Great Parent signed something to show you have done them? (Last Wolf holds up a large card with a BIG paw print, shows to the audience.) Come forward, Wolf. (Exchange Wolf mast for Bear mask.) Now you are a Bear. Gather around me, brave Cubs. (All characters on stage.)

BRAVE: The Bobcat, Wolf, and the Bear have followed the trail. Now, the dance of celebration.

(Drum. All do Indian dancing. Exit, dancing.)




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