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Spirit Of Akela

Props: Ceremony board or log with three small candles or light sticks, an one large candle, tom-tom, artificial council fire

Setting: Tom-tom beats, Akela enters and walks behind the fire, Akela gives Cub Scout sign and tom-tom beating stops.

Narrator:  “Akela was the big chief of the Webelos tribe; tall, stalwart, straight as an arrow, swift as an antelope, brave as a lion, he was fierce to an enemy but kind to a brother.  Many trophies hang in his teepee.  His father was a son of a great yellow sun in the sky.  He was called the “Arrow of Light”.  His mother, from whom he learned those wondrous things that mothers know, was called “Kind Eyes”.  He began to understand the signs and calls of the Webelos tribe.  Then he was taken on little trips into the forest among the great trees and streams. Here, form the wolf, he learned the language of the ground; the tracks and the ways to food” (At this point, Akela lights the large candle representing the “Spirit of Akela”’ and using that, lights the small Wolf candle.)

Akela:  With this candle, representing the Spirit of Akela we light the trail of the Wolf.  From the signs along the Wolf trail, I see that the following braves are ready for advancement to the Wolf clan of Akela’s tribe” (Akela calls names of boys receiving Wolf badge and arrow points.  They come forward and stand before the council fire.  Akela presents their awards)

Narrator:  “Then from the big, kindly bears, he learned the secret names of the trees, the calls of the birds, the language of the air.

Akela: (Lighting Bear candle) “ With the Spirit of Akela we light the Bear trail.  From the signs along the Bear trail, I see that he following braves are ready for advancement in the Bear clan of Akela’s tribe.” (He calls forward the boys who are receiving Bear badges and arrow points.)

Narrator:  “But before he could become a Scouting Brave on his own, he had to prove himself by trying out new skills, performing certain tasks and passing tests of accomplishments.”

Akela: (Lighting Webelos candle) With the spirit of Akela we light the trail of the Webelos.  From the signs along the Webelos trail, I see that the following braves have shown their skills in _____ (He calls names of boys receiving activity badges, and indicates which badges they earned)

Akela: “From the signs further on down the Webelos trail, I see that the following braves have proven themselves worthy to wear the Arrow of Light, the highest award in Akela’s tribe. (He calls forward boys who have earned the Arrow of Light award.  Upon presenting these awards the tom- tom begins to beat again at a rapid place. Drum stops)

Akela: “From the four winds, Akela hears that your braves are doing well along the trails that will lead you into Boy Scouting.  Now will all Cub Scouts stand and repeat with me the Cub Scout Promise?”

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