Shere Khan Advancement Ceremony
Posted On: 2021-03-13

  • Equipment: Large name cards identifying the character; badges to be awarded.
  • Personnel: Akela (Cubmaster), Father Wolf, Mother Wolf, man-cubs (boys receiving awards), and their parents.

Akela: Our scene is the cave of Father Wolf and Mother Wolf. They have just settled down for the night with their man-cubs. Shere Khan, the tiger, lurks outside. Suddenly the moonlight is blocked by the great head and shoulders of Shere Khan at the cave entrance.

Father Wolf: What does Shere Khan want?

Shere Khan: The man-cubs. Give them to me!

Mother Wolf: The man-cubs are ours. They shall not be harmed. They shall live happily, to run and hunt with the pack.

Shere Khan: We will see what the pack will say about this.

Father Wolf: Shere Khan might be right to wonder. What will the pack say?

Akela: The scene now shifts to the pack meeting.

Shere Khan: Akela, the man-cubs are mine. Give them to me!

Akela: No! The pack has decided. These man-cubs have shown themselves to be worthy of the Wolf, Bear, and Webelos ranks in our pack. They obey the Law of the Pack and the laws of our country. They worship God in their own way. The members of the pack want them to have the mark of their new rank.

Akela calls for the parents of the advancing boys to join their sons and gives them badges to present to their sons. Akela then leads the whole pack in the Law of the Pack.)