Bobcat Induction-Boys' Life Puzzle
Posted On: 2021-03-13

Equipment: For each Bobcat family to be inducted, have a full-size cartoon page from Boys' Life, an 8-by-10-inch piece of cardboard, scissors, tape, and Bobcat badge.

Personnel: Cubmaster, new Bobcats and their families, including parents, brothers, and sisters, grandparents.

The Cubmaster calls the new Bobcats and their families forward. He hands each family a cartoon page cut into 15 or 20 pieces and asks the family to work together to assemble the puzzle by taping the pieces to their cardboard. Allow plenty of time.

CUBMASTER (after all have finished): As we have seen, these Bobcats and their families can work together well. They know how to help each other accomplish a goal.

Cub Scouting needs that kind of teamwork. The whole family needs to help if the Cub Scout is going to get the most from our program.

Now I would like to welcome the new Bobcats and their families into our pack. Will the parents please pin the Bobcat badge on their son's shirt. (gives badges to parents.)



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