Three Leg Tripod
Posted On: 2021-03-13


EQUIPMENT: A tripod, A triangle of wood with three legs not attached.

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, advancing Wolf and Bear Cubs and their parents.

CUBMASTER: (name) come forward and screw this leg into the triangle block of the tripod. This leg represents the boys of our Pack. (name) (another boy) come forward and screw this second leg into the triangle. This leg represents Cub Scouting. Ask him whether the device will stand. Of course, it will

not. (name) (third boy) Will you screw in the third leg into the triangle. This leg represents the parents.

Will our tripod stand now? (of course, it will.)

CUBMASTER: To advance in Cub Scouting, and to have all the fun you can in our pack, you must have your parent's help and guidance. You can't do it alone, and Cub Scouting can't do it with only you.

It takes your parents too. So it's a great pleasure to ask your parents to pin on your new badges.

Webelos Leader may use the tripod stand to hold the activity badges he awards to the Webelos Scouts