The Campaign Speech
Posted On: 2021-03-13


PROPS: This can be as simple or as fancy as desired. The setting is at a campaign speech for city major.

CHARACTERS: The Cubmaster will need to have three men help with the awards.

CUBMASTER: Ladies and gentlemen, we have come here tonight to hear our three candidates for mayor express their views. (introduce Mr. Wolf, Mr. Bear, and Mayor Scout.)

MR. WOLF: I would like to talk to the young people about our fair city, to say we need to improve on our quality of life. We have Cub Scouts present who have earned awards for a job well done. Would these Cubs please come forward and receive their awards. (Call out boys` names that are getting their Wolf and arrow points. The Cubmaster can assist in handing out these awards.)

MR. BEAR: I would like to address the middle-aged group of our fair city. You have been working for some time and have achieved much. I would like to ask you to accept a token of my appreciation and award you the Bear award. (Call out the boys' names who have earned their Bear and arrow points. The Cubmaster helps hand out awards.)

MAYOR SCOUT: I would like to talk to the old-timers of this our golden town. You have each given unselfishly of yourselves and for your loyal support all these years I have a special award that is called the Webelos. Webelos stands for We'll Be Loyal Scouts and I know I'll have your loyal support in the upcoming election.

(Call the boys forward and give them their awards.)

CUBMASTER: As a sponsor for these campaign speeches I would like to add my many thanks for jobs well done and we'll see you at the polls.