Wolf/Parent Advancement
Posted On: 2021-03-12


Cubmaster or advancement committee member, advancing Cub Scout and parent(s).

A large cutout or drawing of the Wolf Cub Scout badge; a stand or easel; a single candleholder with one blue candle; Wolf Cub Scout badge and certificate; safety pin. (This ceremony may be adapted for Bear presentation).

Cubmaster: Since our last pack meeting, one of our Cub Scouts has completed all the achievements for Wolf Cub Scout. Tonight we honor him and his parent(s) at our Wolf Cub Scout ceremony. Will Cub Scout [name] and his parent(s) come forward. (They do so.)

[Name], according to your Wolf Cub Scout Book, you have completed all achievements for the rank of Wolf Cub Scout. I am glad you have attained this honor and hope you will continue to progress through the Gold and Silver Arrow Point electives until you reach the time to start work on the Bear rank. Before you is a picture of the Wolf Cub Scout badge. You may now wear this badge with pride. Also before you is a candle representing the spirit of Cub Scouting. By advancing from Bobcat to Wolf Cub Scout you have demonstrated the spirit of Cub Scouting.

(To the boy's parents.) We want to tell you how much we appreciate the cooperation you have given. Without it, your son might not have reached his Wolf rank. Cub Scouting is a family program, and that means not only that your son is advancing to the Wolf rank, but that the whole family has taken another step upward, too.

As the Cubmaster, I haven't earned the privilege of presenting the badge to your son, so I am going to give it to you, [parent's name], and ask you to present it to your son. (Parent does so and congratulates son.) Now, will all the Cub Scouts in the audience stand and give [Cub Scout's name] a hand for the fine job of advancement he is doing. (Cub Scouts applaud.)

I'm sure we're all aware of the contribution of [name]'s den leaders. Will they stand and be recognized? (All applaud.)