Why Do We Have Ranks
Posted On: 2021-03-12


EQUIPMENT: Candle under Wolf on ceremony board or poster.

(Call candidates and parents forward)

Why do we have ranks? Why don't you receive your Wolf badge just because you are seven years old? The reason is that if we did it that way, we would be telling you a lie. We would be telling you that the way to a happy and full life is to sit back and do nothing. Growing up is more than just getting bigger in size. Your mind has to grow. Your understanding and appreciation of what's going on around you have to grow. Your interest in what's going on around you should grow, too, and while you're becoming more interested in the world, you should be finding out about it, how things work, how people work together, how they work alone.

The Arrow of Light points the way to a happy, full life. The Wolf rank is the second step in the right direction. You are "earning" your way up the ladder of rank toward the Arrow of Light and you should be proud of yourself because we are all proud of you. The best in life is earned, it's never a gift.

Together, let us give our Cub Scout Promise. (Repeat together)

(Offer congratulations and present badges)