The Cub Scout Handyman
Posted On: 2021-03-12

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Asst. Cubmaster, Cub Scouts, and Parents.

EQUIPMENT: Tool chest with large samples of the tools to be used during the ceremony. Badges of each rank that the Cub Scouts have earned and Mother's pins. Each award is attached to smaller samples of the tools - either "play" tools or tools made of cardboard and painted.

ARRANGEMENT: Cubmaster, dressed as a carpenter with a hat and apron, walks to center stage with a toolbox of awards.

CUBMASTER: We have with us tonight some Cub Scouts who have been handy and learned to use the tools of Cub Scouting to advance in rank. From my tool chest, I will take the screwdrivers which are the first tool these Cub Scouts learned to use. Will the following Cub Scouts come forward with their parents as the Assistant Cubmaster reads their names.

Asst. CM: (Reads names of Bobcat candidates) I would like for each of you to repeat the Cub Scout promise together. (Cubs respond - then they repeat the Law of the Pack, Tell what Webelos means, give the handshake and salute.)

CUBMASTER: Very well done, boys! I will now ask that your parents present your Bobcat badges to you. Congratulations and welcome to our Pack. (Parents and boys return to their dens.)

(Cubmaster and his assistant proceed in the same manner with the following tools:

Hammer for Wolf rank, because they are hard-hitting.

Saw for the Bear rank, because they have begun to sharpen their skills.

Pliers for the Webelos badge, because they are getting down to the "Nuts and Bolts" A T-square for the activity badges because they worked squarely on their electives.

And a Plane for the Arrow of Light, because they are "Finishing" their projects and the Cub Scout program.)

Cubmaster; we are all proud of the Cub Scouts who progressed this evening. They have learned the safe and proper use of hand tools during this month's Den activities. They have learned, too, that they can be "handymen" around their home and Den meeting place with the help of their leaders and families.

Thank you Cub Scouts for being real "handymen" this month.