Bobcat Induction - Who Knocks
Posted On: 2019-05-22


Drummer calls the tribe to council.

Tribe (all dens) form a circle on the floor.  The Den Chiefs (or den leaders if necessary) take the new Bobcats outside.

Den Chief then gives two double knocks, followed by three slower dignified knocks.

Cubmaster:  "Who knocks?"

"Candidates who seek admission to out tribe".

Cubmaster:  "Shall we open the door?"

Pack:  "Yes"

(Door opens - group enters - stands at attention - door is closed)

Pack stands.

Cubmaster:  "What is it you desire?"

Den Chief:  "We have here some candidates who desire membership in our Pack."

Cubmaster:  "Who sponsor them?"

Den Chiefs:  "We do"

Cubmaster:  "Do they know the Law of the Pack?  Are they prepared to try to follow the Cub Scout Ideals and obey the Law?"

Den Chiefs:  "They are so prepared"

Cubmaster:  "Let the candidates give the Law of the Pack."  (Bobcats recite)  "Will the parents of these new candidates come forward and stand beside them?"  (They come forward)  "We are happy that you are here with us tonight, because your boy is taking an important step toward good citizenship and wholesome living.  You, as parents, have a real responsibility to carry out as your boy enters our pack.  Will you cooperate, by studying with your boy, so that he will be able to achieve the great goals and the fun that are his in Cub Scouting?"

"You are now starting the Cub Scout trail, which leads through the great game of Scouting.  May you and your boy be happy in this Pack, and may we together become honorable members of the great Cub Scout family."

(give badge to parents to be pinned on their son)



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