Bobcat Induction - Indian Theme
Posted On: 2021-03-06


STAGING: All new Bobcat parents are called out just after the opening to tell them what is going to happen and to see if there are any new additions. All new Cub Scouts who have not been through the ceremony are escorted out - to keep the mystery of induction. Cubmaster dressed as Chief and two pack leaders in Indian Costumes. Have artificial fire not lighted on the floor, candles on the table, Bobcat poster, and Indian drum. (If possible, have Indian headbands and feathers for all Bobcats.) After Cub Scouts are escorted out of the room by Pack leader headbands without feathers are put on Cubs. The lights are dimmed.

Chief and Indian #1 enter with Indian drumming tom tom.

CHIEF: (Lights candle and then other candles by Bobcat poster.) This is the Spirit of Scouting.

(Hands candle to Indian #1)

INDIAN #1: May the Spirit of Scouting light our ceremonial fire tonight. (Pretends to light a fire as fire is turned on.)

CHIEF: (Steps forward - looks up and raises arms upward over the fire.) Oh Great Spirit, this is Akela, Chief

of the Pack. May your spirit be with us at the ceremonial fire tonight.

INDIAN #2: (Outside by door with new Bobcats makes a long animal-like howl.)

CHIEF: (Answers back with three short barks.)

INDIAN #1: (Plays tom tom softly, slowly in the background.)<

INDIAN #2: (Enters with new Bobcats.)

CHIEF: Who goes there?

INDIAN #2: Boys who are in search of the many joys of Cub Scouting.

CHIEF: Who do you seek?

INDIAN #2: Akela, the Spirit of Cub Scouting.

CHIEF: Are these Cubs wise in the ways of the Bobcat?

INDIAN #2: They are, Akela!

CHIEF: If your father were an Indian Chief and your mother were a squaw, you would learn all the secrets of the great forest by going into it by yourself. You would follow the tracks of the Bobcat, Wolf, and bear to learn their ways. On the trail, you would see and learn many things. As you overcome the trials of the forest you will become wiser and stronger. You will also become braver because of your greater knowledge and strength. Have these Cubs passed the necessary tests for entrance into the great experience of Cub Scouting?

INDIAN #2 Yes, they have, Akela! They know the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack. They have assumed responsibilities that are not light. They have agreed to "Do Your Best", and to obey the Law of the Pack. These are tasks not always easy, but ones that give pleasure and satisfaction. Tonight we have several new braves in our tribe who are starting on the path of knowledge.

CHIEF: Oh Great Spirit, let the names of the new Bobcats be read.

INDIAN #1: (Reads names of new Bobcats.)

CHIEF: Go my new Bobcats and bring your parents back to your place around our ceremonial fire.

(Parents come forward.) Before I present the insignia of rank, you must promise to start your Scouting experience on the right foot with a good turn. Do you so promise? (Cubs promise.) Your mother will pin your insignia on upside down so you can turn it right side up after you do your good turn.

INDIAN #2: (Places feather in the headband of Cubs after the mother's pin on the badge.)

CHIEF: Now Bobcats, return to your dens and venture into the forest.