Bobcat Eyes
Posted On: 2021-03-06


List of Materials Needed:

1) BOBCAT EYES for all Bobcats (Marbles)

2) Large Pot

3) Dry ice (2 pounds)

4) Plastic bugs, snakes, rope, and other items for the pot.

Put all the STUFF in the pot which will have hot water in it. Add the dry ice just prior to starting the ceremony. (The dry ice will make the water form a fog that looks like smoke.) Bring the pot in from an area out of the boy's sight and give them the impression that the water is boiling hot. Tell the boys that you have been boiling Bobcat Eyes. You have boiled the eyes to make them hard and that they will have to reach in and get a Bobcat Eye to become a Bobcat.

After the eyes have been retrieved, have the parents come up to receive their parent's pin. At this time explain to the boys and their parents that the Bobcat insignia that they just received will be pinned upside down. In order to get the patch sewn on the right side up, the boy must do a good deed.

At this point, the new Bobcats will get a cheer from the Pack.