Bobcat Drumbeat Ceremony
Posted On: 2021-03-06


Log fire with red light, Teepee, Indian blanket, Indian headdress for Cubmaster and Assistant, Flashlight, Drums for Webelos boys.

Before the meeting, all awards are placed in envelopes with the boy's name and given to the committeemen in the teepee. With all lights out except log fire, the Webelos Den sits around the fire. Committeeman starts the ceremony by calling the names of boys to receive Bobcat badges to come to the campfire, bringing their parents with them. As they come to the front of the room, Webelos beat drums.

CUBMASTER: It gives Akela great pleasure in welcoming you boys and your parents into our tribe.

(Name), I am giving your Bobcat badge to your parents. He (or she) will pin it upside down. When you have performed your first good deed as a Cub Scout, the badge may be turned right side up.

Mr. and Mrs. (name), as you know, we in the pack will need your cooperation in helping (Cub's Name) along the trails of Cub Scouting in many ways. For this reason, I ask you to repeat the parent's promise after me.

I ______, promise to do my best to help my son be a good Cub Scout, to encourage him to fulfill the Cub Scout Promise, and to obey the Law of the Pack. I further promise to assist him in his Cub Scout achievements and electives; to cooperate with the Den Leader, Cubmaster, Pack Committee; and to participate actively in the Cub Scout program.

Good luck, boys.

(Drumbeat as boys return to seats.)