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Akela Bobcat Induction


CHARACTERS: Akela (Cubmaster) and 2 Chiefs (Webelos leaders or committeemen)

PROPS: Small campfire with light hook-up. Akela wears war bonnet & wraps self in red blanket. Two Chiefs wear 1 or 2 feathers head dresses & scout leaders uniforms. Chiefs carry tom-toms or Indian rattles.

SCENE: Campfire set up in middle of stage area. House lights off. Akela enters with chiefs, to the beat of tom-toms. Akela sets down by campfire facing the audience. When he starts talking, the chiefs start walking slowly from opposite ends of Cub Scout seating area. Cubs to receive Bobcat awards fall in behind chiefs & follow them to campfire. Cubs gather around campfire in front of Akela. A Chief stands on each side of Akela.

AKELA: All new Cub Scouts please stand and follow Chief _____ and Chief _____ to the campfire.

I, Akela, welcome you to the great tribe of pack _____.

I Akela, salute you.

One of the requirements for you to become a Bobcat in this great tribe is to give the Cub Scout Motto and Salute. At this time salute these two chiefs and repeat with them the Cub Scout Motto: "Do Your Best". This is the Cub Scout Sign. It is Known all over the world. The two top fingers represent the alert ears of the wolf and they also stand for the two parts of the Cub Scout Promise: "To Help Other People" and "Obey". You must know this sign and use it whenever you say the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack.

Raise your right hand in the Cub Scout Sign and repeat with me the Law of the Pack.

The Cub Scout follows Akela.

The Cub Scout helps the pack go.

The Pack helps the Cub Scout grow.

The Cub Scout gives good will.

The next requirement is knowing and following the Cub Scout Promise.

I, Akela, promise to do my best

To do my duty to God and my country

To help other people and to obey the Law of the Pack.

Another requirement is knowing the meaning of Webelos. Now say with me the meaning of Webelos:

"We'll be loyal Scouts".

The last requirement is knowing and using the Cub Scout handshake. At this time, Chief _____ and Chief ____ will congratulate you on completing the Bobcat requirement with the Cub Scout handshake.

Would the parents of these new Bobcats please come forward and stand behind their sons. (After all parent come up, pass out awards).

Parents we welcome you. Cub Scouting is for the whole family. Fun and friendship are found in Cub Scouting. As parents you have certain responsibilities. We expect you to attend the monthly pack meetings and work with your son on his achievements. When called upon, we will expect you to assist.

Along with the other parents in various leadership capacities.

Our new Bobcats and their parents may now be seated.

(Two Chiefs slowly beat tom-toms as they and Akela exit).


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