Tiger/Webelos Ceremony
Posted On: 2021-03-06

Personnel: Cubmaster, Webelos, Tiger Cubs, Parents, Akela, and Den Leader

Props: Table with candles for each boy with their names in front of candles

Cubmaster: Tonight we have the pleasure of welcoming new Cub Scouts into the pack.  Parents and graduating Tiger Cubs, would you please be escorted forward by our Webelos.

Assistant CM: The Webelos Scout provided a path for you to follow into the pack and now he relinquishes his place in the pack to you.

(Webelos Scouts hand lighted candles to boys and return to their seats.)

Den Leader: You and your parents both were asked to come forward.  This symbolizes that the family is a necessary base for Cub Scouting and that Cub Scouting supports a strong family unit.  The candles you received represent the promise of every Cub Scout to “Do Your Best.”

Do you promise to Do Your Best?

Tiger Cubs: We Do.

(Den Leader instructs Tigers to blow out the candles and return them to the table.)

(As the right of the group Akela appears in costume.)

Akela: (To Cubmaster) My Brother, have these new cubs prepared to join our Pack?

Cubmaster: They have by completing the Tiger Cub program.  As we call your name, please step forward to receive your graduation patch and certificate.

(Call out names and distribute graduation materials.

After all, have been distributed Cubmaster turns to Akela and Pack)

Cubmaster: Akela, Members of the Pack, please welcome our new Cub Scouts.