Tiger Paws Into Cubbing
Posted On: 2021-03-06

EQUIPMENT: 3 big paper Tiger Cub paws (large enough for the boys to stand on) One paw will be labeled SEARCH, one DISCOVER, and the last SHARE, 1 American flag, 1 pack flag, Tiger Cub patches

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Tiger Cub Organizer

TCO: For the past few months you and your family have explored all sorts of new and exciting things and places. You have taken each part of the Tiger Cub Motto, "SEARCH, DISCOVER, SHARE" and used it in your home, school, and neighborhood.

(Boys stand on the first paw marked SEARCH)

TCO: You and your family have searched out in your home and community new activities which have shown you how people work and have fun together.

(Boys stand on the second paw marked DISCOVER)

TCO: The things you have searched out and discovered have been shared with your family and friends.

This allowed them to learn about you and the things you like to do. Now is the time to move along the trail to the next part of the Scouting program.

(Have the families and Tigers stand in front facing the rest of the pack)

CM: In Cub Scouting, your family is still important, as it is throughout your whole Scouting experience.

Support in earning each badge comes from your family as well as your den leader. Your parents will need to help you each step of the way. (hands the boys their graduation gift). On behalf of Pack, I welcome you as Cub Scouts.

(This ceremony can be enhanced by having 3 candles. The Assistant Cubmaster or other adult volunteer lights each candle as the boys move to another paw)