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Tiger Cub Graduation Patch
Posted On: 2009-08-25

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Den Leaders, and the boys of the new Den.

PROPS:Each boy in the den is to have a tom-tom.

CUBMASTER: Would the Webelos Scouts bring the parents and Bobcat candidate(s) forward?

During the past year in the Tiger Cub program, you have prepared for today. Remember the Motto:

"Search, Discover, Share". And the Promise: "I promise to love God, my country, and to learn about the world".

The Cub Scout colors are blue and gold. They have a special meaning. BLUE stands for truth, spirituality, steadfast, loyalty, and the sky above. GOLD stands for warm sunlight, good cheer and happiness. Your family and I, and all those who will influence you as leaders, will represent Akela. We would like to present you with the Tiger Cub graduation patch, which is to be worn beneath the right shirt pocket of your Cub Scout uniform.

Now, with your parents, you are to enter the Cub Scout program. You and your family will find many new adventures along the Cub Scout trail. Parents, remember to always guide your Cub Scout. May the Great Spirit always be your side. Seek to help him, following the Cub Scout Motto: "Do Your Best", and to respect and appreciate all the things around him. With these things in mind, we would like to welcome you to Pack _____.


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