Jungle Book Ceremony
Posted On: 2009-08-24

Akela, the leader of the wolf pack (the Cubmaster), Shere Khan, the evil tiger


  • A candle log (with enough holes for each boy)

  • Candles (one per boy)

  • A camp-stove lighter (one that makes a flame, not just a spark)

Call all boys in the pack into a semi circle on the floor with the Webelos first. Tigers will stand behind candle table facing ring of boys. Parents stand behind them.

Akela: The moon is full, just as it was long ago on that night in the jungle when Mowgli first joined the wolf pack. It has been many years since Mowgli returned from living with the wolves. After he returned, he taught us many of the lessons he learned while in the jungle. The most important was that the strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf. That is why we are here tonight in this council ring. Tonight we have many young boys who have earned their tiger badges. So let us begin. Parents, bring forward these tiger cubs.

(Once Tigers and parents are in place, call rest of scouts to circle on the floor.)

Akela: Each of you Tigers has learned the Tiger Cub promise. Are you boys ready to make that promise again in front of your parents and the rest of the pack?

(Akela shakes head in yes motion. Boys should also shake their heads yes.)

(Shere Khan now interrupts from an unseen place offstage.)

Shere Khan: These boys are tiger cubs! The pack has no business with them!

Akela: Shere Khan! The Evil One! Mowgli knew you in the jungle as an evil tiger. And you tried to catch him whenever you could.

Shere Khan: These boys are tiger cubs! I will be the one to teach them!

Akela: Silence, Shere Khan, you evil one! Even among the tigers you are scorned because of your evil ways. Only the most disgraceful of tigers hunt for man cubs as you do.

But we know the one thing that you fear the most, the red flower. And the reason you fear the red flower of fire so much is that all your evil cannot stand against the light of one small red flower.

I will prove to you that each of these tiger cubs has already chosen to walk the path of truth and light. I will prove to you that each of these boys knows that your dark path is evil.

Akela: Tigers, I have here your tiger badge that you have earned! Do you want to accept this badge and go on to become a Cub Scout with this pack? Or do you want to leave us now and go learn the wicked ways of Shere Khan, the evil tiger?

Tigers: Stay with the Pack!

Akela: Then make the Tiger Cub sign and repeat the Tiger Cub Promise with me.

I promise to love God, my family, and to learn about the world

Akela: You have chosen well young tigers. So that Shere Khan can see the wisdom and truth that already has begun to grow in your young heart, I want you to light one of these red flowers.

(After each boy has lit a candle, give him his tiger badge.)

Akela: Shere Khan would teach you boys to have empty minds and to have no concern about others. So that he will know that you already know better than that, I want each of you boys to again make the Tiger Cub sign an repeat the Tiger Motto with me.

"Search, discover, and share"

Shere Khan: These boys are tiger cubs! I will be the one to teach them!

Akela: Silence and be gone evil one! These boys know better than to follow you. Pack [number]! These tiger cubs have chosen well. Over the years we hope that the red flowers they have planted tonight will thrive and grow into blazing arrows of light. So to encourage these young tiger cubs and to send Shere Khan on his way, let's give a good loud tiger growl.

(Akela leads pack in tiger growl.)




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