Akela, Of The Great Mountain
Posted On: 2021-03-05

PERSONNEL: Akela (Cubmaster in Native American costume), Assistant Cubmaster, Tiger candidates and their parents.


  • Tiger Cub Neckerchiefs

  • Tiger Belt Totems (Instant Recognition Kit)

  • Arrow of Light candle log (or board)

ARRANGEMENT: The ceremony begins with the beating of the ceremonial drum by the Asst. Cubmaster. Akela approaches the campfire from the center aisle so that all present can see his regalia.

Akela: Why do you sound the ceremonial drum?

Asst. Cubmaster: Because we have boys who seek the fun of Cub Scouting.

Akela: Have these boys been properly prepared?

Asst. Cubmaster: Yes, Akela, they have. Our new Tiger Cubs know the Tiger Cub motto. Each boy has prepared himself to move into Cub Scouting by his thoughts, deeds, and participation in the Pack.

Akela: Many moons before the paleface came to America, the Indians lived and hunted in these great redwood forests. Food was plentiful. The fields were rich with berries, the water with fish, and the woods were full of game. The tribes lived in villages near the great earth-mother, who we call "Mount Diablo"

I am Akela, the Great Chief of the Webelos tribe and the head of the council of braves. My totem is the Arrow of Light, which is the final goal of all cub scouts and the highest honor they can earn. This board shows the Arrow of Light and points the way of the trail. The arch represents progress along the cub scout trail to boy scouts. The candle which I now light represents the Spirit of Akela and the light of Cub Scouts.

We learn our ways from the wisest of the forest animals. From the Wolf we learn the language of the ground, we learn to follow the tracks of other animals, and we learn the ways of the food of the forest. From the Bear, we learn the secrets of the trees and birds, the language of the air and the sky.

We have many new members of the Pack here tonight who will be following the trail of the Tiger. The Tiger Cub is inquisitive and adventurous but remains within the lair with its parents for some time before venturing out to hunt its own game. His parents, the Tiger and Tigress, have the responsibility of looking after the cub, teaching it to hunt and play, and how to protect itself from the other predators of the jungle.

(Akela to Asst. Cubmaster)Which boys have joined our Tiger Cub Den?

Asst. Cubmaster: Akela, I am pleased to report that we have _____ new Tiger Cubs this year, and _____ are with us here tonight. (reads the list), please step forward, along with your parents.

Akela: You boys are embarking on a great new journey with your parents. Your motto tells us what you will be doing. Do you remember the Tiger Cub motto? Repeat it after me: 'Search, Discover, Share'.

'Search' means you will search for new activities, new adventures, and new ways of being together. 'Discover' means you will enjoy the thrill of discovering new things together. 'Share' means you will share all of the things you have done together with your parents and the other members of your Tiger Cub group. Through this process, you grow together, become better friends and prepare yourselves for Cub Scouts.

Now that you have learned the Tiger Cub motto, you are prepared to wear the Tiger Cub Neckerchief and Belt Totem. (Asst. Cubmaster hands the items to parents, who put them on their boys as Akela is talking). This was developed in ancient times to symbolize your accomplishments. 'Big Ideas' are 17 things we like to do as Tiger Cubs. Each time you have a Tiger Cub activity, in addition to earning a paw print on your Tiger Cub shirt, you will add an orange bead to Belt Totem.

Additionally, you will receive paw prints for each major accomplishment during the course of the year. The first paw print is for learning the Tiger Cub Motto. You will earn another paw print for learning the Tiger Cub Promise between now and the Blue and Gold Banquet. And you will earn your last paw print when you complete the 17th Big Idea: "Cub Scouting Here We Come". By the end of the year, if you are active in the Tiger Cub Den you will have a very well decorated Tiger shirt with 17 paw prints and a Belt Totem full of beads.

Welcome to our Pack family!

(Participants may now be seated.)

Akela: This concludes the Tiger Induction ceremony. I now return to the forests of Diablo to prepare for spring. In June, I will return to help each boy who remains to graduate to the next step in Cub Scouts. Good night!