Akela's Tree Tiger Patch Ceremony
Posted On: 2021-03-05

Cubmaster: Would all Tiger Cubs and their parents please come forward?

Many years ago in the village of akela there grew a mighty oak. She, who is Mother Earth, had given the tree to Akela’s grandfather. Akela, the wisest wolf, cherished this tree and held council beneath Its outstretched branches. The beautiful tree was home and playground to any bird or animal who respected and cared for it. Mother Earth provided abundant sunshine and rain to nurture and patience would be needed to ensure that the tree would grow to its fullest potential.

Who presents these Tiger Cubs for their Tiger Patch?

Tiger Cub Coach: I do, Akela. They have Searched, Discovered, and Shared. They are also learning the way of the Pack.

Cubmaster: Let them speak the Promise of the Tiger Cub.

Tiger Cub Coach: Tigers and Parents, repeat after me.

I promise to love God,

Tiger Cubs: I promise to love God,

Tiger Cub Coach: My family,

Tiger Cub: My family,

Tiger Cub Coach: and my country

Tiger Cub: and my country

Tiger Cub Coach: and to learn about the world.

Tiger Cub: and to learn about the world.

Cubmaster: This tree represents our Tiger Cub program. In order for it to flourish, much time and effort must be spent by the Tiger Cubs and their parents. (Look towards Tiger Cubs)

As each of you receives your award, please replace the patch with a leaf, and you will see how much more vital the tree will become.

(Boys are called by name, take patch, place leaf, get awards.)

You have each helped nurture this tree, and it has become a part of you. Just as Mother Earth’s trees endure for many years, you have gained values through the Tiger Cub program which will last you a lifetime. May you always stand tall and straight like a tree... and be a beautiful resource of our land.

Will the audience please join me in congratulating these scouts.



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