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For Blue and Gold
Posted On: 2019-05-17


Print large block letters with permanent markers on 8"x10" sheets of white poster board, one letter to a sheet--the word--"BLUE" in blue, "AND" in black, and "GOLD" in red.  Add silver stars to the letters.  Print the script on back of each card reduce memorization.



B is for Boys--Bobcats, Wolves, Bears and Webelos

L is for Leader--The Cubmaster who guides us

U is for Understanding--we learn to help others

E is for Excellence--we try to do our best



A is for Anniversary -- Cubbing's XXth.

N is for Neighborhoods -- where Cub Scout dens meet each week.

D is for Den Chiefs -- Boy Scouts who help us in many ways.


G is for Goals -- for which Cubbing stands.

O is for Opportunities -- for boys to learn and do.

L is for Liberty -- in the years to come.

D is for Den Leaders -- who love to help us.








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