All Scout Blue and Gold Banquet Recognition Ceremony
Posted On: 2021-03-05


Setting - Cub Master as Chief Akela (Native clothing is a good idea)

CM: "As the century was ending, Chief Akela was worried about his people.  His Pack was surrounded by others who did not have the same ideals or teach their children the same values.  He wondered if his people would continue to learn and grow in the next century.  So, Chief Akela decided to call his Pack together to review their accomplishments and to show the Pack its Scout's achievements.

First, he called forth all the Pack's Bobcat Scouts.  He asked them to form a line, facing away from the Pack, joined arm in arm.  These Scouts had taken their first steps on the Path of Scouting, having mastered the Promise and the Law of the Pack by which all Cub Scouts live.

Next, Chief Akela called forth the Wolf Scouts and asked them to join the Bobcats.  In addition to learning the rules of good Scouting, the Wolf Scouts had taken on the responsibilities of respecting and caring for our flag, learning about the community, working with tools, making choices, and safety.  (Leave sufficient time for all Wolf Scouts to join the line of advancements.)

Chief Akela thought that his Pack's advancements were impressive.  But, he still had more Scouts and more advancements to recognize.  So, he called forth the Bear Scouts and asked them to join the Bobcats and Wolves.  The Bears had advanced far on the Path of Scouting, for they had mastered achievements involving God, Country, Family, and Self.  In these tasks, the Bears learned about wildlife conservation, fitness, helping one's family, and being reverent.

The growing line of Scouts pleased Chief Akela.  To add to it, he called upon the Webelos Scouts to join the Bobcats, Wolves, and Bears.  The Webelos had earned many Achievement badges in a broad spectrum of activities.  The Webelos also learned about being Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

Last, of all, Chief Akela called upon the Arrow of Light recipients to come up and join the other Scouts.  These Scouts had advanced the farthest on the Path of Cub Scouting and soon would be moving on to a Boy Scout Troop, where they would continue to learn and grow into strong members of the community.

When all the Scouts were lined up, joined arm-in-arm, Chief Akela saw that they formed a chain that surrounded and protected the Pack.  Together, they faced outward, not because they were facing away from the Pack, rather because they were prepared by their Scouting experience to face the world, arm-in-arm, prepared to meet the future with the skills and knowledge about their families, community, country, and selves.