Unusual Gifts
Posted On: 2021-02-12

PERSONNEL: 8 Cubs (May be divided into more or fewer parts depending upon the number of Cubs in the Den.)

EQUIPMENT: 3 large, brightly colored envelopes SETTING: Cubs come on stage with coats and hats on, chattering. Each steps forward to say their line; emphasis on the BOLD word.

CUB 1: We’ve met to take our Christmas gifts to special people on our BLOCK.

CUB 2: Now when we tell you who they are, it may come as a SHOCK.

CUB 3: And when we tell you what we’re giving, you’ll really be SURPRISED.

CUB 4: For our gifts aren’t of the kind that are usually PUBLICIZED.

CUB 5: (Holds up envelope) Our gifts are promises of help when hard jobs must be DONE. This one tells our handicapped friend of errands we will RUN.

CUB 6: (Holds up envelope) This one tells a lady that we will now her YARD. Mowing is too much for her, but we don’t find it HARD.

CUB 7: (Holds up envelope) This one tells an elderly man that we will mend his FENCE.

CUB 8: Now don’t you think this sort of gift makes a lot of SENSE?

(They wave good-bye, Merry Christmas, etc.; and leave)