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Repair A Cub Scout

Hammer with “Do My Best” sign on it
Screwdriver with “”Do My Duty” sign on it
Pliers with “to God and Country” sign on it
Saw with “Help Other People” sign on it
Block plane with “Law of the Pack” sign on it

Setting: Cub Scout is on stage. He is about as scruffy as one can imagine. His shirttails are out, his face is grungy, his hair is a mess, he is slouching, and he has the most forlorn frown on his face.

Other Cub Scouts enter and proceed with the repairs…

Cub 1: Wow! This guy’s in pretty bad shape. We’d better fix him up. I’ll use my “Do My Best” hammer.  He “hammers” on the Cub Scout and the Cub tucks in his shirt and begins to stand straight.

Cub 2: Well, that’s a start! Let me use this “Do My Duty” screwdriver. [He pretends to “make adjustments” to the lad and the Cub combs his hair and stands a little straighter.

Cub 3: That’s getting him somewhere! Here, I’ll give these “to God and Country” pliers a try.  Again, the Cub gets tweaked a little more and he stands at attention.

Cub 4: Hey, he’s just about there! Let me work on him with this “Help Other People” saw.  Don’t really use it! But as Cub 4 cuts away, the Cub Scout wipes off his face with a wash towel.

Cub 5: By Golly! I think we’re about done! Just let me give him a little touchup with this “Law of the Pack” plane. [A little shave here and a little shave there and the Cub Scout responds by changing the frown into a great big smile.

Former Grubby Cub: Gee, thanks, guys! I guess I just needed to get with the program—the Cub Scout program, that is. Let’s all stand now and join in saying the Pledge of Allegiance. 


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