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Our National Flag

(This is very effective if lights are out, with only a spotlight shining on the flag as someone reads the following.)

I am your flag, an eternal symbol of loyalty, courage and strength; for I am strong with pride. I fly high in the belief of tomorrow and the future of the United States.

You, my people, created me. You keep me flying, defying opposers and transgressors. I am every idea and hope and dream that you keep in your hearts.

As long as you, as an individual or nation, believe in what I stand for and have belief in yourself, I shall guide you in battle, in your courts, and in your homes; for I am the Constitution and your banner of freedom.

Give me your salutations and I shall he your leader. Ask me for courage and I shall offer it. Honor me for the things I represent for I have been fashioned by the labors and ideals of everyone among you and before you.

The stars and the blue that I wear are for God and justice. The red you see is for courage and our country. The white shines for purity and perseverance along the right path. This raiment, this splendid combination of the colors that you respect, was dyed by the blood of those who died to protect me, and sewn with the threads of charity and unity.

I am your glory. Men call me "old Glory", yet I belong to a million yesterdays, all of the today's and countless tomorrows.

Never shall I fly without liberty, nor be lowered in disgrace. Pledge allegiance to me, and I swear to you that as long as there beats an American. heart, or grows a blade of grass in this beloved soil, or there is the sound of voices raised in grateful unity to God, who rules us all, you shall be free.

Please stand and join me in pledging allegiance to the flag of the United States of America . . . . . . . . . .

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