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Pennies Opening Ceremony

Author:  GSLC

Make cardboard pennies (18- 20” in diameter). Spray with copper colored paint, trace Lincoln
silhouette on black paper and glue onto pennies. Tape verse on back of each penny.
Narrator: Pennies in my pocket remind me of Abraham Lincoln. Maybe they can help
me remember some things about him.

Penny #1:
Lincoln was a poor boy, but in the American way.
He rose to be our President, the greatest, some folks say.

Penny #2:
He taught himself the ABCs and how to read and write,
and borrowed all the books that he could, then read them late at night.

Penny #3:
He learned to do his sums at night, by the light of an open fire,
Writing with charcoal on a board, he never seemed to tire.

Penny #4:
Lincoln was a tall man, his height was six feet four.
He could wrestle anyone and pin him on the floor.

Penny #5:  
Lincoln was a brave man and not afraid to fight
for what he thought was just and true, when he knew he was right.

Penny #6:  
That is why they put his picture on our pennies to remind
all people that Abe Lincoln was a great man, good and kind.

Thank you pennies. The next time I find a penny in my pocket, I will think of Honest
Abe and how he helped shape our country to have the freedoms that we enjoy today.

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References / Source:
GSLC Pow Wow 2008

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