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Brownies Gold Walk Investiture

Room setting: Room should resemble woods with a “golden” trail marking the way to the Brownie Woods. In the woods is a wise old owl (paper) in a tree. The trail may be made of construction paper, cardboard, or crepe paper. Be creative.

Girls to be invested proceed down “path” accompanied by other members of the troop, girls from sister troop, or the leader may lead the girls. At each obstacle, girls tell about Brownie Scouting, earning their way to the Brownie Woods. The leader or girls may help with the answer.

GS Member or Leader:
Come along and take my hand
We’ll follow the path to Brownie Land
To find the woods, we’ll walk the golden mile
But first, sing a song about a Brownie smile
(Girls sing “The Brownie Smile Song”)

Obstacle may be a chair to climb over, etc.

GS member or leader:
Becoming a Brownie is a special thing
We do our business in a Brownie ______________
(New girls answer “Ring”)

Obstacle should resemble a door (strips hung from the ceiling will work)

GS member or leader:
This is the door to the Brownie woods
Knock, then answer the way you should.
(new girls “knock” on the door)
Leader: “Who comes to the Brownie woods?”
Brownies-to-be: “We do”
Leader: “What do you want?”
Brownies-to-be: “We want to be Brownie GSs”
Leader: Then enter the magic woods

New scouts enter the woods. Leader takes each girl to the pond, one by one. All Brownies in the woods repeat as she is twisted:
“Twist me and turn me and show me the elf
I looked in the water and saw _______________”
Girl: Myself!

Leader: Now is the time your Promise to make
But first give me the Sign and Shake

All new girls give the leader the the GS Sign and handshake.

The new GSs say the GS Promise together

Leader pins the girls’ Brownie pins on her upside down and says:
Now you’re a special Brownie Scout
With your first good deed, turn your pin about.



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