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Freedom From Tyrant's Demands

F: For people of all other lands the Statue of Liberty stands, with a flaming torch held high against America's sky, promising freedom from tyrant's demands.

R: O'er the land of the free, flying high. Old Glory waves in the sky. Thirteen stripes and fifty stars, this banner is ours. To defend it, our heroes did die.

E: Our bird is called the Bald Eagle. His power is mighty and regal. Within our fair land his emblem does stand. His seal is on all that is legal.

E: We treasure our Liberty Bell. Our independence declaration it told to our nation as it pealed out the news, "All is well."

D: Americans love the fair sight of the Capital dome gleaming white. Here we pass the laws to spread freedom's cause and guard against tyranny's blight.

O: Should Uncle Sam beckon you to serve on his liberty crew then try with all your might to help win the fight for freedom, to pay what is due.

M: The Star Spangled Banner is our song. To Americans it will always belong. Long may it wave o'er the home of the brave...these words we'll sing proudly and long.

All: We are 50 states all in all, whose standards never shall fall. Our motto is just, "In God Do We Trust." If you need us, just give us a call.

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