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Citizen - Presidents Search

	E  C  R  E  I  P  T  R  N  A  G  A  E  R  B  C  E  J  K  A

	W  T  A  F  T  T  X  I  R  X  W  H  N  O  F  O  R  D  D  O

	N  V  X  C  Y  N  J  E  F  F  E  R  S  O  N  W  X  A  R  Y

	O  Q  P  L  D  F  I  L  L  M  O  R  E  S  N  I  M  P  B  E

	T  H  E  C  E  A  M  P  T  U  J  L  S  E  I  S  X  O  L  L

	N  R  L  I  N  C  O  L  N  F  D  B  R  V  O  L  B  O  B  N

	I  W  R  R  N  P  Z  L  A  T  U  Z  E  E  W  C  J  H  N  I

	L  V  P  U  E  K  O  O  R  C  Y  N  T  L  A  O  W  A  S  K

	C  H  A  Q  K  H  N  L  G  I  O  V  R  T  M  T  A  Y  E  C

	B  U  C  H  A  N  A  N  K  S  A  D  A  W  R  S  S  E  I  M

	R  G  N  I  D  R  A  H  K  N  H  R  C  O  O  D  H  S  S  A

	N  W  I  X  F  F  N  C  B  B  O  O  I  L  L  O  I  E  E  D

	O  T  I  G  E  R  A  U  E  E  O  D  E  F  Y  Z  N  E  N  I

	S  B  J  S  C  J  R  W  R  L  V  W  L  Y  A  D  G  O  H  S

	I  R  O  C  A  E  E  E  I  O  E  E  E  E  T  L  T  R  O  O

	R  U  H  O  N  S  I  D  U  L  R  N  R  B  I  R  O  N  W  N

	R  H  N  U  M  W  G  C  T  H  S  U  B  A  E  F  N  O  E  N

	A  T  S  T  L  E  A  W  I  L  S  O  N  D  H  L  R  M  R  A

	H  R  O  S  P  V  D  N  A  L  E  V  E  L  C  S  O  A  U  N

	E  A  N  A  M  U  R  T  L  H  B  F  I  B  E  A  R  S  G  F

Washington Adams Jefferson Madison
Monroe (Adams) Jackson VanBuren
Harrison Tyler Polk Taylor
Fillmore Pierce Buchanan Lincoln
Johnson Grant Hayes Garfield
Arthur Cleveland (Harrison) (Cleveland)
McKinley Roosevelt Taft Wilson
Harding Coolidge Hoover (Roosevelt)
Truman Eisenhower Kennedy (Johnson)
Nixon Ford Carter Reagan
Bush Clinton    

Names in parentheses are repeats that will occur ONLY ONCE in the puzzle!

Data supplied by Pack 114

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