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By:    On: 2010-02-22

Hi all,

It is Fuzzy and Scout here, how are you all? We are fine by the way :P

We are busy following the Olympics, especially the cooooooool events like the snowboarding and bobsledding.

Although it is mostly me (Fuzzy) watching on couch and Scout wrapped up in blankets as snow and ice is too cold for him.

Do you all know that the Olympics have a lot of the values that we should have as Scouts?
Like fair play, and the fact that taking part is more important than winning.

We all know we sometimes forget about this and try to win whatever the cost, and more importantly without consideration to the others who compete.
A good example is a Scout sports event we been too, where a leader was shouting to his Scouts to push the other kid “out of the way as he is as quick as a snail”, but the Scout did not push him out of the way, he went past him when he had a chance even though it cost him the race.

We think that was bad behaviour from the leader, but very good from the Scout who showed respect to the other kid. He did get a medal in the end for fair play :D

In the Olympics they don’t give out medals for fair play because it should be normal for the ones taking part, just as it should be in Scouts.

So next time you do a sports meeting, why not run it in the Olympic theme and emphasize the fair play and Olympic oath bit.

Anyway the next event is on at the Olympics, and Baloo is sitting on the couch, so we are going to cuddle up to him and cheer for the Olympians :)


Have fun all of you,
Your cuddly friends,

Fuzzy and Scout

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