By: Great Salt Lake Council Posted On: 2021-12-02


1. Make a target board and have the scouts
practice heaving a rope at the target board.
(Aquanaut p 29 Webelos Leader Book, Bear
Book page 244)
2. Backyard obstacle course (Athlete p. 37
Webelos Leader Book)
3. Catapult beanbags (Engineer p. 68
Webelos Leader Book )
4. Two-Person Saw Contest (Forester p.
84 Webelos Leader Book)
5. Knotting contest (Outdoorsman p. 106
Webelos Leader Book)
6. Vinegar & Air Rockets (Scientist p. 127
Webelos Leader Book)
7. Musical Chairs (Showman p. 136
Webelos Leader Book)
8. Soccer Dodge ball, Sidewalk Tennis,
Home Golf, Backyard Hockey, Bicycle
Confidence Course, Bean Bag Baseball
(Sportsman p. 139-142 Webelos Leader



1. Bike course (Bear Book p. 98)
2. Backyard golf, Sidewalk shuffleboard
(Bear Book p. 103)
3. Fitness contest (Bear Book p. 107-111)
4. Make a car or boat. Set-up a small race
at Pack Meeting. (Bear Book p. 133)
5. Knot Tying Contest (Bear Book p. 138)
6. Magic Tricks (Bear Book p. 204)
7. Back yard Gym (Bear Book p. 222)
8. Dart Throw with a U.S. Map, Make cards
with 30 cities on them, have contestant
try to throw the dart at the correct city.



1. Obstacle Course (Wolf Book p. 39)
2. Eagle Golf (Wolf Book p. 89)
3. Bean Bags (Wolf Book p. 89)
4. Pie Tin Washer Toss (Wolf Book p. 122)
4. Marble Sharp Shooter (Wolf Book
p. 122)
6. Ring toss (Wolf Book p. 123)
7. Bean Bag Toss at the correct city (Wolf
Book p. 124)
8. Stilt Walk (Wolf Book p.140)
9. Puddle Jumpers (Wolf Book p. 141)
10. Foot Racers (Wolf Book p. 141)
11. Obstacle Race Outside (Wolf Book
p. 191)

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Great Salt Lake Council