By: Great Salt Lake Council Posted On: 2021-11-27


Just think of fun, crazy questions to ask, then see who knows the answer:
Examples: What is the name of Gilligan’s boat? (SS Minnow). What is
Scooby’s favorite snack? (Scooby snacks). What insect can you ride and 
get dizzy on? (The Spider. at Lagoon).
Hand out rewards for the right answers.


What you need:
Balloons (Any Size)
Yarn or string, about 2 yards or less per person
To Play: Have each player blow up their balloon. Tie the balloon to the string, then the other end
of the string around your ankle. When everyone has a balloon around his ankle, you can begin. The
object of the game - stomp the other person’s balloon and break it while keeping yours intact.
The last one with a balloon on wins.


What you need
I Volley Ball Net
2 Full sized sheets
Several water-filled water balloons. (These are your volleyballs)
2 teams

To Play: Divide your group into 2 teams, one on each side of the net. Each team has a sheet.
Place a person (the more the better) all around the sheet. Someone puts a balloon into the center
of the sheet, when slack. To toss the ball, everyone, at the same time, pulls the sheet tight.
Remember, the balloon does have to make it over the net. When the
balloon breaks, that is a point for the side that tossed it. (Unless it pops
on their own side). The first one to ten wins. (Or when you want to quit).


References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council


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