Posted On: 2020-12-10

KEN—“Bear leader!”

CLAIR—“Guide leader!”

SCOUT--- “Do your best!”

KEN Ekker was a Cub SCOUT Bear Den Leader. KEN was also a computer whiz. He was one of the first to get an e-mail address and encouraged others to get one too. He discovered that there were many SCOUTING sites. Sometimes he would communicate with someone and then find out he or she lived in a foreign country. Soon he was corresponding with other SCOUTERS all over the world. He discovered a SCOUTER in England. Her name was CLAIR and she was a SCOUT Leader for 8 & 9-year-old boys and girls. In England, they are called Guides. They called themselves the Cellar Dwellers because they met in the basement of an old church. After KEN and CLAIR had corresponded for a while, CLAIR told KEN that she had always wanted to come and visit America. KEN invited her over, and soon CLAIR arrived at Salt Lake International Airport. KEN, and his wife, Lee, had CLAIR stay at their house and took her all over to show her the tourist spots.

Utah has a completely different look and feel than England has. She was amazed at the mountains and canyons, the desert, the Great Salt Lake, and how few people there were in such a large area. She was surprised that she could visit three SCOUT shops for three different districts within 90 miles. Everyone was so friendly and kind to her that CLAIR loved it in Utah. When she left, she invited KEN & Lee to come to England where she could show them the sites.



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