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Posted On: 2020-08-07

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


EMILIO is a real hero. One day he and MIGUEL were goofing off down by a pond that was in a remote area by where they lived. It was rumored that the pond had alligators in it even though they couldn’t see any. No one else was around.

MIGUEL was wading along the shore when he suddenly disappeared under the water. MIGUEL came to the surface sputtering and splashing wildly.

EMILIO did not know how to swim that well. He seized a long branch and pushed it into the water toward MIGUEL. It didn’t quite reach, so he waded in cautiously and pushed it further. Finally, EMILIO could get hold off it and was pulled to shore safely. MIGUEL and his father were so grateful, they tried to give EMILIO some money, but he wouldn’t take it. He said he was a Cub Scout and wanted to help others.

EMILIO is a hero in other ways, too. One rainy, cold day he was on his way to school. In the weeds, he spotted a CHICK. It was cold and glassy-eyed. He picked it up and cuddled it in his warm hands. He thought he would take it to school and show it to everyone, but instead, he looked under a bush and saw a mother hen on a nest. He set the CHICK down close to her and it pushed under her wing. She clucked at EMILIO and pecked his hand. He knew the CHICK would be safe.

In EMILIO’S class in school, there was a bully named Juan. He especially loved to pick on Roberto. Roberto was timid and quiet and wasn’t ever chosen to play games. One day EMILIO got to choose the teams at recess. He chose Roberto first. All the guys looked surprised, and Juan jeered. That afternoon, when they were walking home from school, Juan grabbed Roberto and forced him to the ground. EMILIO pulled Juan off and stood between them until Roberto could get up. Juan threatened to hit him, but with two boys to fight, it wasn’t so easy. Finally, Juan left and the two boys walked home together.

At Den Meetings EMILIO always helps fold up the chairs and pick things up. All of us can be HEROES. We may not save a life, but we can be helpful to others.



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