Posted On: 2021-11-06

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay


Each player is given

5 to 10 beans. The players will try to drop the beans one

at a time in the mouth of a canning jar by holding a bean up to his chin and

letting go. After each person has a turn, the beans in the jar are counted. The

person that gets the most beans in the jar wins.



This is a very active game, so if things start getting rough move on to a

new game. Chairs are placed in a circle. Each player sits in a chair and

is assigned to he a fruit (orange, apple, banana. etc.). There needs to be

at least two of each fruit. One person stands in the middle of the circle

and a chair is taken away so there is one less chair than people playing the game. The person in

the middle calls out the name of a

fruit such as “apple”. All the apples jump up and must move to

a different chair. The person in the middle tries to sit in one of the chairs. The person left

standing is the new leader. The leader can also

call out “fruit basket” which means everyone gets

up and moves to a new chair.



Divide into teams of three or four boys each. Team members stand back to back with elbows

linked. On a signal, they race to a turning point and back