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Clip several pictures from newspapers, removing their captions. Paste them onto a large poster

board or secure them appropriately onto a blackboard or a blank wall in the room. Have the boys

come up with their own captions for each picture.


Homonym Game

Homonyms are words that sound the same but have different meanings. Here are clues that

describe two homonyms. See if you can guess the words. The first one is done for you.

1. A word that’s an insect, and a relative. Ant / aunt .

2. A word that describes how you feel when you have nothing to do and a material used for

building things. / .

3. A word that has to do with people getting together, and a type of food. /

/ .

4. A word that’s a flower, and items lined up in several straight lines. /

/ .

5. A word that is similar to an ocean, and means to view something. /

/ .

6. A word that is a pit dug in the ground, and the entire piece of something. /

/ . .

Answers: 2) bored/board 3) meet/meat 4) rose/rows 5) sea/see 6) hole/whole

References / Source:
Jungle Jubilee Great Salt Lake Council


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