Car Wreck Story
Posted On: 2020-06-05

This Story has scary parts and is meant for Boy Scouts.
Decide for yourself if it is appropriate for your younger scouts or not.
This is a good one to tell in Sept. or Oct. or keep it ready for that time you might hear a car going fast off in the distance. I made this story upon a campout and for some reason, it was enjoyed. You'd need to change the scenery, such as the farm.

Did you hear that car? It reminds me of something that happened 2 years ago at this very campground.


We were sitting around our campfire pretty much like this, but the night was a bit colder and quieter. Suddenly, I heard a car racing down the road over that way followed by a terrible squealing of tires and a horrendous crash.


I and another adult jumped up, grabbed our flashlights, and ran out to the road to see if anyone needed help. The road out there is very straight for about 2 miles and then takes a sharp corner right by the camp. On that corner, we spotted a car rolled over and smashed against a big oak tree.


Inside the car were four high school kids, all dead. There was nothing we could do so we ran back to the camp master's cabin and called 911. We then went back to the scene to wait for the ambulance.


When we got there, there was no car, no bodies, nothing except two long tire marks on the road right to where the car had crashed.


Just then, an old man came walking down the road with his dog. He has a farm just on the other side of the road and he had heard the crash also, but he wasn't surprised to see no car. He explained that 25 years ago, the local high school football team had two-star players and was favored to win the state championship. Those two boys never gave up - they practiced year-round and had made a pact that they would never stop until they were champions.


The night they won their homecoming game, the two boys and their girlfriends were on their way to the big dance after a celebration party. Going too fast, they wrecked and all four of them were killed right over there.


Every year since then, on the night of homecoming, their ghosts relive the terrible crash. They refuse to give up and admit that they are dead. Sometimes, you can even see them wandering through the woods trying to find their way to the dance. Or, you can hear their low groans as they walk through the night.

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