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Pass out a few small treats to the audience. Each time they hear the word that
indicates some direction they move the treat to the person closest to them in that
direction. A few could be bigger or wrapped to appear more special.

In Front

The Cub Scout year is filled with such fun. Right at the end of the summer the
pack has a grand round-up to invite new cubs into the pack. After the Webelos
have Left to join the troop there is more room for all the new Tiger Cubs and

In the fall all the Cubs LEFT bags on the doorsteps for the neighbors to fill. After
the service projects, caroling, and holiday crafts there were not many days LEFT
in December.

The Boy Scouts from the troop invited the Webelos to their camp at the Klondike
Derby. Looking to the RIGHT and the LEFT they found the troop's sled RIGHT

At the derbies the excited Cubs stood IN FRONT to see the racing. Did you see
the one that LEFT the others behind in his dust?
IN FRONT of the Pack at the Blue and Gold Banquet the Cubmaster was careful
to give the boys their RIGHT awards.

The fun continued with scout shows with displays and activities jam packed
RIGHT in a row. What Cub in his RIGHT mind could forget the fantastic time at
summer camp?

Den meetings, field trips, Pack meetings, outings galore! You had better WRITE
it all down because you would certainly feel sad, if you were LEFT behind.

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2003 Pirates of the Cirribean


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