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The Hoot N Holler Tribute

Author:  Longhorn Council

Here is a simple, humorous skit which you can adapt to pertain to your home
town newspaper. It is easy to produce, requiring very little in the way of costumes
and props. The action is mostly pantomime and the dialogue is quick and easy to

There are eight characters in the skit. You could add more characters very easily,
if you wish, by increasing the number of reporters. Instead of one reporter, you
could have a sports reporter, a society reporter, etc. You could also have other
editors. No doubt you will have ideas of your own which you will want to include
to make the skit more applicable to the people on the staff of your local


Editor: Dressed in shirt sleeves and wearing an eyeshade.

Reporter: Wears fedora hat pushed back on his head. Has sign “Reporter” on hat

Copy Boy: Dressed as a person from the 60’s — flower child type.

Linotypist: Dressed in work clothes. Carries a clothesline.

Walter Willtell: Wears fedora hat, loud tie and suit.

Proofreader: Wears a “Sherlock Holmes” hat and carries a magnifying glass.

Office boy: Wears sweater and slacks and has long white beard.

Cub Reporter: Wears Dr. Denton Pajamas and a fedora hat. Carries a teddy


Two desks: One with a sign “Editor” on it and a shallow box at each side, one
labeled “Incoming” and the other labeled “Outgoing”. Other desk is for reporter.
Provide two or three toy telephones for Editor’s desk, plus a wastebasket. Place
a typewriter on Reporter’s desk.

Alarm clocks: These are out of sight and are set to go off at regular intervals
during the skit.

“The End” sign: This is hidden behind Editor’s desk.

Ice Cream Scoop: This is carried by Copy Boy.

References / Source:
2003 Pirates of the Cirribean
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