Rope Golf
By: Polecat blog Posted On: 2022-03-31

This is really a water rescue practice game.
First, teach the scouts how to loosely but neatly coil the rope and throw with a long flat sidearm throw.
Each patrol is given a long heavy rope,
1/2 inch ropes or bigger 30 to 40 ft. long work best.
A target like a tree or a dumpster is chosen about 100 feet away as the "hole" and is declared a "par 4".
The first scout from each patrol coils his rope and throws it out towards the hole.
The next scout in the patrol coils and throws from where the end of the rope lands.
If the rope is let go it is thrown from the last shot.
The next target (hole) is designated (perhaps as a par 3) and the game continues.