Directions Game
By: Polecat blog Posted On: 2010-09-20

(a communication game)
The group is divided into an instructor and numerous artists.
The director attempts to describe a simple picture to be drawn by the artists under various handicaps. This will progress in stages. Stop and reflect at each stage. Have written instructions ready for the director at each stage. Each stage should not last as long as a minute. Each reflection could (should) last longer.
• Stage 1: the director is blindfolded as well as the artists.
• Stage 2: The director can see, the artists remain blindfolded, director can only describe lines (no shapes or objects).
• Stage 3: The artists can see, director can only describe lines (no shapes or objects).
• Stage 4: Director can describe shapes but not objects
• Stage 5: Director can describe objects (house, cloud, tree, window etc.)
• Stage 6: Artists are allowed to ask questions
• Stage 7: Director moves around room critiquing work and making suggestions
• Stage 8: Director shows their sketch to artists



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