Super Scouts to the Rescue
By: S.C.C.C Posted On: 2020-07-27

Props: Uncle Sam costume; bush, bench, etc. for park setting

Narrator reads his piece and others act their parts. Narrator may be more than one boys.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Tonight we recognize one of our most famous American
characters, Uncle Sam. [Uncle Sam enters and stands, smiling.] He stands for everything that is
clean and good in our country, America the Beautiful.

But what have we here? [Two or more polluters in street clothes enter carrying McDonalds bags.
While talking to each other; pulling cups and wrappers out of the bags, pretending to eat and
drink, and then throw their wrappers and cups on the ground.]

Messy Murray and Polluting Pete (and their friends) are out for a day in the park, without a care
in the world. Look at the many ways they violate our environment. [Uncle Sam begins to
wheeze, cough and, while holding his chest, slowly sinks to the ground.]

Their thoughtlessness is polluting our water and air, hurting animals, and making our city and
neighborhoods look bad. They are choking Uncle Sam to death! Is there any hope?


Yes! Considerate Carl and Amazing Andy to the rescue! [Carl and Andy in complete Scout
uniforms, and their helpers if needed, run onto the stage and strike classic hero’s poses.]

Our Super Scouts will be nature’s lifesavers of tomorrow! First, they must get the polluter's
attention. [The heroes walk over and tap the polluters on the shoulder.]

Then they must educate them. [They point around at the trash and shake their fingers at the

And then they must act. [Grabbing the polluters by the collar, the heroes encourage the polluters
to pick up their trash.]

But is it too late??? [Slowly Uncle Sam begins to get to his feet.]

No! In the nick of time, thanks to Considerate Carl and Amazing Andy, our environment is
coming back to life and our polluters, Messy Murray and Polluting Pete, have been converted to
Super Scouts who are doing their part to clean up America.

[The polluters finish picking up their trash, shake hands with the Scouts, and walk off the stage

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