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Rollicking Robots Skit

Author:  GSLC

Announcer (Den Chief)
Robot Narrator
Six Robots (Cub Scouts)

Den Chief: Den presents "The Rollicking Robots From The World Tomorrow."
(Robots enter slowly in a line, then turn to face audience.)

Robot Narrator:
We're the very latest triumph of engineering skill;
We can walk, we can talk, and we can raise an arm at will;
We're really rather handsome, all gleaming steel and chrome;
Oh, everyone should have a little robot in the home.
You'll never have to feed us; our wants are very few;
A sip of battery juice and a nut and bolt or two;
Our actions are dependable, just like a metronome;
Oh, everyone should have a little robot in the home.

(As each cub takes his turn, he steps forward stiffly, takes three steps and bows before he speaks.)

Robot 1:
When Junior has some homework that no one can explain,
We're just the ones to help him, with our electronic brain.

Robot 2:
Those nights when father moans and groans about his income tax,
We'll do the calculations, if he'd just feed us the facts.

Robot 3:
We can help with mother's gardening when she's setting out her plants,
Our feet are built for digging holes or stamping out red ants.

Robot 4:
If sister fears she'll oversleep cause she stayed out late at night,
Just let us know the proper time; we'll wake her up all right.

Robot 5:
We'll be glad to mind the baby when he's crawling on the floor,
And shock him, oh so gently, if he's heading for the door.

Robot 6:
To cheer you up, we'll bring you music straight from our transistors,
And even go into a dance while rattling our resistors.

(Robots dance: Three slide steps to left; then three slide steps back to position. Three bounces forward; then three bounces back to position. Swing left arm and right leg forward and back; then right arm and left leg. Repeat these kicks, and then bow.)

Robot Narrator:
We hope we have convinced you of our many splendid uses,
And we faithfully promise not to blow out any fuses.
We'll be always at your service with our every volt and ohm,
Now don't you think that you should have a robot in your home?

References / Source:
GSLC Pow Wow 2005
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