Red Light, Green Light
By: GSLC Posted On: 2019-12-14

In this game, one person plays the “stoplight” and the rest try to
touch him. At the start, all the players form a line about 15 feet
away from the stoplight. The stoplight faces away from the
line of players and says “green light”. At this point, the Players
are allowed to move towards the stoplight. At any point, the
stoplight may say “red light!” and turn around. If any of the
players are caught moving after this has occurred, they are out.
Play resumes when the stoplight turns back around and says “green light”. The stoplight wins if all the players are out before anyone is able to touch him. Otherwise, the first player
to touch the stop light wins the game and earns the right to be the “stoplight” for the next game.

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