Robin Wood
By: GSLC Posted On: 2020-04-08

Gather a few logs and sticks and stack them like they are in a fire pit. Find, a robin hood type
hat, and possibly a bow for effect. You need someone to be an MC, and someone to be the robber.
The others could be actors posed in the background, or posed as scenery.

While the MC is speaking, “Tonight we are pleased to be performing the greatest
show on earth, we need your cooperation, we need everyone’s concentration
. . .” the robber sneaks out and takes a twig from the wood pile near the fire, (tip
toe, hide behind things really ham it up.)
The MC looks and shrugs it off and continues with the ceremony. “As I was
saying, this show will be momentous, you will never forget what your eyes
have seen . . .” the robber sneaks out and takes another stick or log. The MC
gives him an angry look but continues with the introduction. “ It will be life changing, unforgettable
. . .” The robber comes out again and tries to take more logs, but can’t hold all of them.
The MC says, “Hey, that is really starting to bug me! What do you think you are doing! We are
trying to do the greatest show on earth, you keep stealing branches and twigs and Logs, Who do
you think you Are?”

Robber: “I’m Robbin’ Wood! Prince of trees. I rob from the birch and give to the sycamore”.

References / Source:
GSLC Pow Wow 2007


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