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Author:  GSLC

• Kazoo - Cover one end of a toilet paper tube with a 4” square of waxed paper and place and
elastic band to hold it in place. Punch three holes in a row (about 1” apart) lengthwise along the
side of tube. Decorate.

• Tambourine - Decorate 2 paper plates, put a handful of seeds or beans in one plate, place the
other face down on top of the other plate and staple, tape or punch holes in and tie with yarn or
ribbon. Add ribbon for streamers if desired.

• Drum - Using an oatmeal box, margarine container, ice cream container or
coffee can (with lids) have the Cub Scouts decorate them using paper, crayons,
markers, etc. Use a wooden spoon for drum sticks.

• Sand Block - Use two blocks of wood and wrap sandpaper around the block
and staple to the sides. Glue or nail a thread spool to each block to form handles.

• Maracas - Put a handful of pebbles or seeds in the soda pop can and
place a piece of tape over the hole, use a hammer and nail to punch a
hole in the center of the bottom of the pop can and push an unsharpened
pencil through the bottom hole of the can for a handle. Place tape around
the pencil to keep it from sliding. Decorate the maracas using scraps of
paper, construction paper, wallpaper, etc.

References / Source:
GSLC Pow Wow 2007
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