Car Skit
By: GSLC Posted On: 2021-09-16

Cub Scouts are bringing in their derby cars for their Pack meeting.
Cub Scout #1: “Hey! That’s a nifty car! Did you make it?”
Cub Scout #2: “Nah! My dad did! Did you make yours?”
Cub Scout #1: “No Way! My granddad did mine! Wow! Look at that one! Hey! Who made yours?”
Cub Scout #3: “Oh, hi! Like it? My mom made mine!”
Cub Scout #2: “Look at that funny one coming in! I wonder who made his, his Great-Great-Grandpa?”
Cub Scout #3: “Who made your car?”
Cub Scout #4: “I did! My dad & mom said I needed to learn to follow instructions and this was a way for me to learn!”
All Cub Scouts: “Oh! Wow! Your car is the best!”

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