Making a Cub Scout
By: GSLC Posted On: 2021-09-16

Characters: Child, Two Leaders, Two Parents
Props: You will need a large table for the child to lie on during the “operation.”

The “doctor” can carry a large cardboard knife. Props to be “removed”
are tacked to the back of the table, out of sight. Those to be “put in” can be
placed nearby. (Props are listed where used.)

Narrator: We are about to instruct you in the method of making a Cub Scout.
To complete this project, you will need one small eager boy, two interested
parents, one patient den leader, and one courageous Cubmaster.

(Each character enters as his name is spoken. The boy wears his uniform under a large loose-fitting
shirt and climbs up on the table. Others don surgical masks. As the narrator continues, the
operation proceeds, with the Cubmaster acting as a doctor. The den leader and parents hand him
the things to be put in and take the things removed. When the boy is hidden under a sheet, he
removes his shirt.)

Narrator: Cover him with fun and good times (Hold up posters labeled “FUN” and “GOOD
TIMES” and cover boy)

We use laughing gas for anesthetic. (Use a tire pump labeled “Laughing Gas.”)

Take out hate and put in “Love.” (Hate - lump of paper, so labeled. Love - big paper heart, labeled).

Take out selfishness, put in cooperation. (Sign “I,” sign “WE).

Take out idle hands, put in busy fingers. (Idle - empty rubber
gloves. Busy - glove full of flour.)

Take out laziness, put in ambition. (Laziness - rag; Ambition -
blown up balloon.)

After this pleasant operation, we have a “Cub Scout.” (Remove the
sheet. Boy, in uniform, stands up and gives the Cub Scout sign.)

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