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The Recycle Machine

Author:  GSLC

4 Cubs. In addition, another is hidden inside the machine.

Large box made to look like, a recycle machine: other items mentioned.

Hey look, guys, a recycle machine!

Let’s try it out! (Turns switch on)

Let’s see what it does with this rusty, old pocketknife. (Drops it into machine. Machine
makes noise and shakes, then out comes a new, shiny pocketknife.)

All Boys:
Wow, it works Fantastic!

Maybe it can recycle this old, torn handkerchief. (Drops it in and the machine shakes and
rattles and turns out a new hanky.)

That’s really great! Here, machine, here’s an old, broken pencil for you. Drops it in and the
machine performs giving out a new one.)

It’s your turn. Jack.

I wonder how this things works. (Steps up, peers inside, and the machine pulls him in.)


Other Boys:
Oh no! What should we do? (All look worried)

The machine finally makes a very loud noise and out pops Jack. A sign on him reads REJECT.)

Look! He has a sign around his neck. It says ‘REJECT’. A Cub Scout’s spirit is too strong
and durable to ever be worn out.

Remember, to help save our American resources, follow this motto

All Boys:
Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!

References / Source:
GSLC Pow Wow 2008
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